09/10/2003 - Natchez City Cemetery Etiquette

The Natchez City Cemetery is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the South. Please help us maintain its beauty by observing the following rules:

1. Please stay in the designated walkways and do not disturb memorials or artifacts.

2. Please show respect for the dead and for their families. Do not intrude on funeral or memorial services. Do not bring alcohol, firearms or entertainment items (radios, CD Players, etc.) into the cemetery.

3. Go-carts and ATVís are not permitted.

4. Well-behaved children under the direct supervision of responsible adults are always welcome. Please teach your children to respect cemeteries.

5. Keep your pets under control on a leash and clean-up after them.

6. Please do not disturb the wildlife that inhabits the cemetery.

7. Please do not litter. (This includes cigarette butts) Trash receptacles are located throughout the cemetery for your convenience.

8. Artificial flowers will be removed as soon as they are faded. All flowers shall be secured in an urn or unbreakable vase attached to or placed on the monument.

9. Pinwheels, wind chimes, glass vases and jars, solar devices and other decorative objects are not permitted. One statue per plot is permitted. Exceptions will be made for the American Flag.

10. Please register group activities in advance with the director.

11. No additions and/or improvements to lots (i.e. benchís, Landscaping, Walls, etc) shall be made without express approval of the beautification committee of the Natchez City Cemetery Association

12. No spreading of Cremation Ashes.

Welcome to our Natchez City Cemetery

Treat these sacred graves and grounds with respectful reverence they deserve

Thank you
For leaving our Historic Cemetery not worse, but better for your presence