The cemetery is open from 7:00 a.m. until dusk, which varies but it usually arrives around 7:00 p.m. However, when dusk arrives please begin to leave the grounds or you may find yourself locked in.

There are several ways to tour the Natchez City Cemetery: on your own, a private guided tour, or the annual Angels on the Bluff Tour.

Any way you choose to tour the Natchez City Cemetery we ask that you please observe our cemetery etiquette.

Annual Angels on the Bluff Tour:
Each year, usually the first weekend of November, the cemetery presents an elaborate presentation at the Natchez City Cemetery with selected gravesites being featured. This production presents local citizens and/or family descendants, who portray individuals buried here.

Guides direct groups from grave to grave where local actors, dressed in period costumes, tell stories about the lives &/or deaths of various people buried here.During this entertaining tour, local actors or family descendants give commentaries while dressed in period costumes. Several are accompanied with musical tributes.

Each year the date and time for Angels on the Bluff Tour can vary so please check the current schedule. During the tour, groups of approximately 30 begin touring every 15 minutes.

Parking is very limited at the cemetery, therefore during this heavily attended event there is no public parking at the cemetery for individuals so we provide free shuttle transportation from the Natchez Visitor Center to the cemetery. Please board shuttles at the time designated on your ticket.

EVERYONE must go to the Visitors Center and board free buses for transportation to the cemetery.

For those who may be organizing a bus tour to attend Angels on the Bluff, group bus parking is available and can be explained by the cemetery director - 601-445-5051.

Tickets go on sale for Angels on the Bluff in August and tickets for all ages are $25.00.

No refunds.

No rain dates.

Angels on the Bluff tickets and information available at the:
Natchez Visitor Reception Center
640 Canal Street, Natchez, MS 39120
Tel. 601-446-6345 or 1-800-647-6724

Individual Tour:
Everyone is welcome to tour the cemetery at his or her leisure. You can drive along the roads in the cemetery viewing from you car, or you may wish to walk among the tombstones. For drivers we would like to point out that if you enter through the main gate you will be entering the historic area.

If you enter the main gate, which is the third gate coming from town, you will see the cemetery office building, which has a wooden mailbox on the porch that contains free brochures that include a map that highlights interesting stops.

Also, we do not suggest walking in bad weather, but it can be done immediately after the weather passes.

We have published a hand-guide booklet for visitors. This handy booklet, with a reference map enclosed, points out the historical sections of the cemetery and includes pictures of some of the more requested grave locations along with short remarks about them. These booklets are available at the Natchez Visitor Center and various shops around town.

Private Guided Tour:
For those who would like to have a private guided tour please call 601-446-6631 or toll free 800-647-6742.